Served with a smile

"Well," said Pooh, "what I like best," and then he had to stop and think.  Because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.

Happiness is a necklace of  carefully selected small shiny pearls alias good moments.
Often tne best thing in a happy moment is the foretaste.
Few people realize that genuine happiness cannot be a perpetual state of mind.  Most of us live with great expectations about what happiness should be.
This precious feeling could be found mainly in little things. In places you would never look  for it. Sometimes it just jumps from somewhere and makes you fly.
We live for great goals and hope for great achievements. Because people used to measure their personality with the scale of their strivings. Happiness is the ability to get exactly what you want but also - to really know how to enjoy it after all.
Sometimes we waste too much time to look outside the way we'd like to feel inside. To be happy is a matter of growth. A question of decision as well. The first thing you need to be happy is to tell yourself you strongly believe


Nostromo said...

А ние се чудим къде е Ламот! :D

Само че защо очите му не са на хиксове! :P

أمل said...

еххх той тъкмо искаше да остане инкогнито...:)

Nightwish El said...

Щото като е видял колко мед е отишъл, докато намаже пощенската кутия на Надинка се е ококорил :)))

أمل said...

пощенска кутия ли му викаме вече? :D

Nightwish El said...

Ахххааа, Надеее - какъв оттенък и придаде!
Моите мисли бяха къде къде по-невинни..

أمل said...

извинявам се, ама преди да прочета Мечо Пух ми разказваха едни истории с мед, в които имаше масажисти и ми се объркаха понятията :D :P

Ирония Идиотова said...

"Happiness is a necklace of carefully selected small shiny pearls alias good moments. .."

... even if they are not shiny, they are our moments. :)))

Объркана съм. Ламот означава просто един палец с резки?:)))))))))))))

анонименблогер (ди-джей-тъпанар-барабанчик) said...

Според мен Ламот е един среден пръст, при това обесен, с очи на хиксове!
Според мен е крайно време да направят и отпечатъците на пръстите лични данни!