знаеш какво означава липсата на постове тук
душата ми е разтворила широко прозорци 
и се усмихвам без причина
в очакване на пролетните трèли
и този път
ти нямаш нищо общо с ветровете



Someone will tell you that she’s seeing someone someday and that she’s happy and your hands will stop working. You’ll have to work hard to hold onto whatever you’re holding. I hope it’s not glass, I hope it’s not breakable. Suddenly you’ll remember everything that you ever loved about her. Everything that ever moved you to tears, made your insides feel like they were tying themselves into knots. That she was loyal, that she was open for you, that she smiled against your mouth when you kissed. That it felt easy, like God had put the two of you together deliberately, like it had been the plan all along. But for whatever reason, you let her go and you thought that it was the right thing and for a little while, it felt like you knew exactly what you were doing. Except now all the parts of you that touched her knows that you’re never going to be able to touch her again and that hurts. Even your fingers are sad, even your stomach is aching from the loss of it all. You’re never going to get that again and that’s why your regret looks like artwork that would have been masterpiece if you’d finished it. Your regret looks like plucking a flower before it’s bloomed. So maybe you’ll call her and you’ll tell her that you miss her and she’ll sound gentle on the phone but not in love with you anymore. She’ll say ‘we happened and we were important but you let me go, I’m sorry, but you let me go’ and that’s how you’ll know.

Azra T.




добре, очевидно сърцето ми не ще да знае тези мъдрости
тогава се затваряме в кутия и чакаме някой да успее да ми отвори сърцето
успех. все едно да отваряш консерва с голи ръце
ама заварèна
то след толкова чупене...
още го мразя за онази лъжа преди три години и два месеца
пропадам в крайности, знам само, че искам да го ударя силно с юмрук и пак няма да е достатъчно, за да разбере как се чувствам
просто защото е твърде зает със себе си
и ще бъда като онази мила мис Лавандула, която стояла и чакала своя Ървинг 25 години
да дойде да я отведе. просто защото нямало друг такъв Ървинг.
мразя, когато разбирам отлично какво им е на героините от глупавите книги с хепи енд.
всичко разбирам отлично, само хепи ендинг-ът никакъв не се вижда.

бел. авт. не ми се занимава с главни букви, да не решите, че така е модерно, просто съм твърде отегчена за пунктуация


“We get old and get use to each other. We think alike. We read each other’s minds. We know what the other wants without asking. Sometimes we irritate each other a little bit. Maybe sometimes take each other for granted. But once in awhile, like today, I meditate on it and realize how lucky I am to share my life with the greatest woman I ever met.”
Johnny Cash’s note to his wife, June Carter, on her 65th birthday, and even more.


прочетох един много мъдър съвет

never run back to whatever broke you

проблемът е да оценя правилно
дали някой м е счупил
или ме направил много по-устойчива