The BBB* Rule

Breaking a heart is easier than breaking a bone. There is one simple rule:
The more years behind you back - the more time both of them take to recover.
Probably this rule gives an explanation why people used to become more careful right after they grow up enough to realize that simple truth. And this insight is not something you get as a present for your 18th bDay. You face this established fact usually after a few times in a gypsum with all your friends' signatures on it  and a few talks with the same people finishing with "Let her/him go. She/He is an absolute bitch/bastard/SOB". 

Soon[er or later]  after that you are eager to take  the bloody things off of your body/mind and look ahead.
Walk alone.
Run away.
Whatever you choose to train your healed bone. But always having in mind the above simple rule.
Keep your eyes open wide for all bumps on your way in order not to fall and break something. Another bone. Or the same. Again. The pain is acute.

It is not so easy to protect you heart. To be honest - no chance at all.
At least, after the firts time, you have the right to decide if you would ever take the risk to break that heart again. Unfortunately, you have only one piece of this commodity. The good thing is that you cannot lose it.
Even  cut in a thousand bloody pieces, it remains yours forever. With all its atributes -  pain, and [sometimes] joy. So, be careful, break whatever you decide, but don't break the rule. As a farseeing person, use the brakes to escape the breaks.

Now I expect all of you, my optimistic readers, to encourage me to be more hopeful about the happy end of the road because medicine already has solved the above problems with fractures using artificial bones and joints. And of course - heart bypass, an orthotopic or a heterotopic procedure for transplantation.
Brand new again, ugh?

*Breaks, Brakes and Bones


Н.Никифоров said...

Dive into the pain and come out the other side changed...We wait for you

أمل said...

I will use the master key... :)
Hope you won't wait too long!